Mind Body Soul approach to lose weight


Hey girls!
Before anything, I want to remind you that I’m completely against a quick-fix diet. I believe in #bodypositivity, a healthy lifestyle, a wellness routine,  the importance of a healthy mind and the importance of the movement. This is why I create the "MIND BODY SOUL" approach to help my clients in their whole life to create a real change.
In case you would like to lose some weight, I want you to write down the positive reason of your why. Why do you want to lose weight? To be able to run after your kids, to take care of your health, to be better performances,…? Wanting to be and feel at your best is awesome but please be kind to yourself, your body is amazing in anyways and at any time of your life.
Furthermore, it’s really important to remind yourself that it’s a marathon and not a sprint to take care of our health … We need to discover what works with us and this can eventually take some time. Having a positive mindset is much needed during this process.
There is no magic formula but if you apply the following actions, you will see results. But please be careful as it’s really easy to have a non-objective vision ; Indeed we often forget the training we missed or the cookies we ate, the famous; but I just ate a few ones (which means 4 full packets) Of course, there is nothing wrong about eating cookies, it’s just not the best food to eat every day if you are looking to drop few pounds. 
This is why I advise you to keep a journal to write these things down. It will help you to stay focus, motivated and also to be able to celebrate yourself for your success!
« yes but I already eat healthy »
Sometimes healthy food can be confusing. Healthy doesn't mean that you can eat them all day long, they also have calories (i hate that word but you understand what I mean).  Be also mindful of your sugar intake. 
For example; açai bowl + smoothie (with fruits) + veggies with rice + toasts with fruits. In this example, the main source is carbs; which means sugar, sugar, and sugar. Don’t get me wrong, we need carbs in our diet and there is nothing wrong about eating them, they are part of our balanced diet and I love them. But we need to also consider having the two other macro-nutrients which are fats and proteins.
Eating balanced is a necessity for our health and wellness. I’m not about counting calories and macros but it’s sometimes interesting to know what we eat (macros speaking) when we do a starting checkup.
Indeed, 90% of my customers (and as per the majority of people in our society), the main source of their diet is carbs. So make sure your plate is healthy and balanced.


"I'm hungry all the time"

In our culture, we always have food around so we are tempted to eat it continuously. We start with a breakfast at 7 am, a snack at 10 am, dinner at noon, snack or snack all long in the afternoon, supper at 7 pm and snack or snacks in front of the tv until midnight. But when our stomach has it time to digest? Do we need to eat that much in one day and especially every 2 or 3 hours (or even continuously)?

Indeed, I don't think this is the solution especially when we want to lose weight. We eat often by habit and or commodity that real hunger. Otherwise, how is it possible that a few millions of people are hungry at the same time for dinner? Of course, in society and a work environment, it's sometimes complicated to modify this rhythm but let's try to at least eliminate all the unnecessary snacking. Which is completely doable when our main meals are balanced and satisfying. 

Once the first point on balancing our plates (macros speaking) is done and that these do not contain exclusively carbs, it will be a lot easier to spend the days without snacking every 2 hours. Indeed, these "crashes" and cravings are often caused by sugar. When this one is regulated, you won't need this urge to eat continuously. 



Often neglected in weight loss and yet being well hydrated can have additional benefices than good health.

Indeed, this will help you with digestion and bloating but also your appetite. We often do the confusion between being thirsty and hungry. Try to always drink a big glass of water before running into a snack.

Souvent négligée dans la perte de poids et pourtant être bien hydratée peut avoir de grands bénéfices en plus de ceux d’une bonne santé.


Daily movements

I believe than integrate daily movements in your life is key to create a good habit. Furthermore, your body needs to move, it has been created for movement. The goal is not to train like crazy every day but simply do something; a walk, a yoga/stretch, tennis, run with your kids,... The key is to create a habit in your daily life, a routine. You will get so many benefices in your mental and physical wellness. And believe me, when this habit will be well integrated, you will never go back as you will feel so good. 

In your physical activity, it's important to vary, to try new things and above all to have fun! Sport should not be a chore but a moment that we can't wait to do to feel great in our body and mind.



Seven to eight hours of sleep are not a myth. It's so important for your body to be able to rest. Everyone needs to establish how many hours exactly they need as this is personal. But let's say it should get closed to these numbers. 

Not only this will help you get more energy, it will boost your productivity but also allows you to be more active in your daily life and efficient in your workouts which is a must when you want to lose weight.

Furthermore, when we are tired, our body is looking for extra energy to keep going. And when there is no energy available, they look for food (which is energy). Of course, this is not what we want here as we don't want to add extra food hence the importance of sleeping.


Stress management

Stress can affect our eating behavior and appetite. it's then important to have good management of this one.

The previous points that I mentioned should already impact positively your stress. But to help to reduce it more, I advise you to take some time every week to get your life organized. Work, family, housework, invoices and so on, everything has to get more or less in order. The goal is to eliminate at the maximum every unnecessary stress source in your daily life and to do this, the organization is key.

I also talk all the time about the importance of meditation. There are so many app and free videos out there and 5 minutes daily are enough to see real changes.

Lastly, we are the best when it comes to putting ourselves pressure on. So be kind to yourself, progress is progress and we are not machines. If you don't crush your goal in one try, it's not bad, be nice and respectful to you. The point is to learn and get better each time. And sometimes, it's also a necessity to ask for help or guidance during your path.


I hope this will give you a brief introduction to my "MIND BODY SOUL" approach. As you see, everything is connected and there is so much more.


If you want to know more about it, do not hesitate to contact me by email.


See you soon