Panic in dressingrooms

While having a beautiful shopping day with your girlfriends, you had a crush on a new piece, so you rush in the dressing room to try it on. Confidente and so happy about your new find, you took your usual size and it’s drama, you can’t enter your leg. In your head, you are going nuts, your life goes by (I’m exaggerating a bit but not that much) because, in a second, you completely lost your confidence, you feel too fat, you question your nutrition, your determination, you feel useless and so disappointed by yourself. « Why Am I not entering in this damn jeans? » « What’s wrong with me ?! » « Did I gain weight? » Your shopping day is ruined and you go home frustrated and sad. When you read this, it can seem completely crazy and dumb even though I’m sure you have already lived this scene. 
The craziest is that not at anytime our mind came back to reality and to facts; if it was a problem with something, it’s not our body but the clothes itself. Yes, size is different depending on the brand, the style, and the fabric. You may be a 36 in Zara and a 38 in H&M. We have an obsession with numbers, numbers on the scale, numbers with our sizes. We want to fit in defined boxes made for us but we are all unique beings.
So let’s stop thinking that our bodies have issues; « my hips are too wide, my stomach is not flat, we can see cellulite, .. ». At the time of fast fashion, we also forget that the clothes we buy are low quality, stitches are not well-done, the fabric is sometimes inadequate and is not flattering our bodies. We also have all different morphologies, so the jeans X at Mango cannot fit all the women of the earth, it’s impossible and it’s good that way. Let’s be happy to be not copy paste and let’s enjoy our differences.
So next time you are having a changing room panic, apply my SOS Kit :
  1. We take three big breath to get back in the present moment,
  2. We reconnect to the reality; the problem is not us, it’s the clothes that’s not fitting and not the opposite,
  3. We close our eyes and say 3 positives affirmations about ourselves,
  4. We keep on going our nice shopping day on a kindly note
Of course, it’s possible that you are not completely happy with your current image and that you want to get better. With kindness, patience, and love for yourself, you will get to your objectives in a healthy and long term way.
Take it with humor and challenge; your beautiful booty wants a lift? Challenge yourself to do some lower body exercises coming weeks, do a squats challenge,…
Be your own friend and pull yourself up!
Have a great day!
Xoxo, Fiona