Personal Training

Do you want to loose weight, get toned or simply get back to an healthy lifestyle? I'm here to assist you all along the way.

As a certified Personal Trainer of the Services des Sports of Lausanne University and a TRX coach, I will help you to reach your goals with a personalised program created for your needs. The trainings take place in the studio located in St-Sulpice or as per your request (outside, at your place or work). Prices may vary depending on location.

Health Coaching

How we should feed ourselves? What food is healthy or not? How to decrease your stress and find balance in your life? All of this questions seem confused? Or cause you an extra stess in your busy life?

As a certified Heatlth Coach from Institute for Integrative Nutrition of New York, my role is to help you find a balanced diet that satisfied you plenty as a well-being in your life in general.



Personal Training1 sessionCHF 99.00
Personal Training5 sessions
CHF 450.00
Personal Training10 sessionsCHF 850.00
Personal Training20 sessionsCHF 1'590.00
Personal Training duo1 sessionCHF 149.00
Personal Training duo 5 sessions CHF 690.00
Personal Training duo10 sessionsCHF 1'190.00
Personal Training duo20 sessionsCHF 1'990.00
Health Coaching1 sessionCHF 99.00
Health Coaching5 sessionsCHF 450.00
Health Coaching10 sessionsCHF 850.00
Health Coaching20 sessionsCHF 1'590.00

Group Training

Group Training Pass5 sessionsCHF 100.00
Group Training Pass10 sessions + 1 giftedCHF 200.00


Bride Body Ready16 weeks (32PT + 2HC)CHF 2'490.00
Post Baby Ready

12 weeks (24PT + 2HC)

CHF 1'890.00